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Branding in SharePoint 2010

On Thursday afternoon I was asked to help a colleague out with an all day SharePoint 2010 training on Friday.  As I’m new to SharePoint I was uncertain how I could be of help, but was somewhat relieved when I was asked to do a segment on branding.  The audience was a group of 5 developers who (as I found out) had no SharePoint experience and were just sponges soaking up whatever bits of wisdom we gave them.  The short presentation I gave is below.

Getting Certified: The First Steps


This series will track some of the issues and questions I run into as I learn and attempt to become a SharePoint Developer.  My new job knows I am not a SharePoint developer and want to help me grow into one – I’ve now been developing and working with SharePoint 2010 for a month.  One of the steps involved in this process is taking SharePoint 2010 Application Developer exam and getting certified (list of certifications).

The first one I’ll be going after is TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development.  A direct overview from the exam description:

A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development should be able to perform the following tasks:
  • Write code that extends SharePoint 2010 (ok …)
  • Add and support code to an existing project (sure!)
  • Write code for and test custom features in a SharePoint solution such as a Visual Web Part or Event Receiver (no problem!)
  • Implement a solution designed by lead SharePoint Developer (easy!)
The candidate should also have the following experience:
  • 12 months with ASP.NET 3.5 with Visual Studio 2008 (or later) (nope …)
  •  6 months develop with SharePoint 2007 or later (nope again …)
  •  3 months with SP 2010 and VS2010 (includes beta releases) (nope a third time…)

The tasks sound easy enough considering they are amazingly generic.  Given that I have nothing resembling that amount of experience however, I’m hoping to make it up through sheer hard work, my blazing intellect, and an organized approach!  I’m definitely going to make use of the practice exam on, with the overall goal of taking the certification exam in about a month’s time from now.